Meet Cindy Alpert Saad

“I am inspired by the abundant energies that surround me, from vibrant sunsets and soaring waves of the sea to posh hotels and modern cityscapes. I love music, dance, travel and the smiling eyes of a child. My friends and family are my foundation - they keep me grounded, even as I give chase to my artistic visions.”


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Her Story

Cindy Alpert Saad began life as a little girl captivated by glittering evening gowns in her parents’ boutique, often sketching new designs with the dream of one day becoming a fashion designer. Her drawings were admired by her classmates. During her teens, music became her passion and she became an accomplished flutist. Yet she yearned for art lessons.

As a young adult, Saad set aside her interests in design and, at her father’s insistence, pursued a traditional college education. From there, she followed a career path in human resources. It wasn’t until the devastating loss of her sister to breast cancer that Saad reconnected with her passion for art. She began by painting abstract designs on t-shirts, a practice that culminated in the development of her business, It’s a Cin. Ten years later, while struggling with her own breast cancer battle, Saad took several Healing Icons classes with founder and fellow artist Heidi Darr-Hope. Saad’s confidence in her artistic ability blossomed through that process of healing through art, and it gave her the courage to venture into her true calling: jewelry design.

Years later, Saad has become a successful, award-winning jewelry designer. In every twist and turn of her one-of-a-kind, handcrafted jewelry pieces, there’s a story that begs to be shared. Find the story that resonates with you.

Her Work

Innovative, Handcrafted Jewelry

Saad is known primarily for her wire sculpture necklaces that excite the senses with whimsical twists of silver encircling stunning pieces of art glass, blister pearls and semi-precious gemstones. She has been recognized throughout the Southeast for this work, receiving invitations into prestigious, juried art exhibitions and galleries as well as awards and other recognition.

Along with her signature necklaces, Saad creates one-of-a kind pendants composed of beads dangling from a swirl of sterling as well as earrings and memory wire necklaces and bracelets. Saad falls in love with beads made by other artists and often incorporates her favorite beads in her designs. She also embellishes cuffs and other objects d’art made by others.

Paintings and Photography

Created largely in the abstract, Saad’s paintings captivate with their bold colors and unconventional arrangements. She prefers to work spontaneously, painting many layers and allowing each to take on different personalities as color and movement guide her through to the finished piece. The resulting rich textures and complex composition arouse the senses and the imagination. Each viewer comes away with a different interpretation.

With photography, Saad plays with color and special effects. Most of her work focuses on places that inspire her: sophisticated, hip and upscale settings. Saad finds these places energizing and motivating, and captures that energy in her photographic work.

Where to Find Her

This multi-media artists's work can be found at the City Art Gallery in the Vista, The Columbia Museum of Art Shop and through he ron-line studio. Saad often collaborates with clients to create custom designs for weddings, anniversaries and special occasions.  If you're wanting to meet with the artist, You may contact her through this website.

Primarily self-taught, Saad attributes her eye for color and design to her upbringing in the apparel business and considers her artistic abilities nothing less than a gift. She loves the passionate effect her jewelry has on her clients (who sometimes buy jewelry off her neck) and finds validation in their appreciation of her work.

A former model and human resource professional, Saad now devotes full-time to her art.