Be mindful of others when you have an It’s a Cin one-of-a kind sterling sculpture creation. If it’s not on your neck, girlfriends will positively grab it and try it on. But they don’t know how. It takes some education. I like to spend a little time with new customers to show the easy way to slip  it on off without stretching or bending. It just happened again to a friend of mine the other night after an art show. That’s right…the necklace was stretched out! But fortunately, a few phone calls and a house call later, voila, it was back into its original sculptural shape.

For some reason there is this tendency to stretch the necklace out over one’s head when trying on. I’m not sure why because we don’t do that when we put on a pair of pearls. Just grab hold of the stone part of the necklace with your right hand and reach behind you neck to slip it on from behind. Let your left hand reach back to help guide the opposite end.  Press into place. That’s all you need to do. This sounds like a lot of work but it’s much easier to show in person. Please let me know if this helps or you have a better way to explain it. I have customers with multiple necklaces so I’m sure many of you get plenty of practice. I think this calls for a video…something to put on my ever growing to do list!!!




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