News flash – my studio, No. 6 is located at Tapp’s Art Center,  1644 Main Street. I’ve been there for two years now. It is a permanent (as long as I can afford to keep it) working studio where I create everything – handcrafted jewelry, paintings and other objects of art. The photography work I do is mainly created at my home office/studio because it involves tweaking on the computer as I wander into never never land. But the rest is done at Tapp’s. I absolutely love having all of my art in one place. So many of you still don’t know that my work is there all the time. With the hectic life I lead, I am in and out. So it’s always best to contact me if you would like to meet there. I’m just a phone call away. And I’m always happy to meet you there. Stop by and then lunch on Main. Michael’s,  just two doors down, is always fun. They have an incredible coke machine with about 100 different flavors. All right, I might be exaggerating but there must be at least 50. And there’s such a wonderful vibe on Main Street. The Mast General store just one block down is such a feel good store to shop and the new yoga studio, Masala on Main, across from Mast is in full swing. In fact our whole block is one happening act. The Nickelodeon, the movie hotspot is on our block and Good Life Café across from it is scrumptious! Really you can start at the Capitol and eat your way down to Tapp’s. It’s just one happening area. I’ve always felt that if Main street could come back even the Vista would get better. I have a real love for  downtown Main streets. I spent a lot of time in my parents boutique in Sumter as a kid, taking in the beautiful clothes, jewelry and of course people. That’s probably where the sociology and psychology side of me started.  Watching the people, taking in all the sizes, shapes and kinds.

Please keep me in mind for anniversaries, birthdays and special occasions like graduation coming up. I can help you find just the right gift. Try something different like a matted digital print that would be great for a dorm room or new apartment after graduation. I hope to get prices up on my website soon. They start around $25. I ship all over the country.

tip: We have some free parking spaces on Main Street and there is a metered parking lot beside the Villa Tronco on Blanding which is real convenient if you’re coming to Tapp’s and can’t find parking on the street.

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